School Website

School Website; Mirror of the School

By Kamana Khadka Grade-X

Before a parent or student physically sets foot into a school building, there is an opportunity for a virtual visit. And the virtual visit is through school’s website. It is the virtual front door to the school where all the information of the school are available. The information available on the website makes an important 1st impression. And remember, 1st impression is the last impression.
In addition, school website represents the personality of the school. The school website affects the overall image and reputation of the school which can lead to the increasement in the popularity of the school which in addition leads to the increasement in the admissions.
The role, purpose and importance of the school website is changing at pace in those school globally that have moved to a digital operational base, are on track to normalize the use of the digital throughout and which are rapidly creating their own, unique, tightly integrated digital ecosystem.
If we need any information about any subject, our mind strikes only and only on Internet. Well, in the hopes that all the information we need will be found online, we just rely on the internet. There’s no difference when we are searching for school. We are living in a fast paced; technology advanced world and when a parent is trying to find information about a school, the first place they will look is the internet. So, in this time, school website is like boon to those searchers of school. It’s easy access has made it more popular in today’s era.
Not only this there are various merits of the school website. Others such as the parents can pass their valuable feedback to the school, the alumin can remain connected to their school and can send their precious suggestions for the improvement of the school, etc. are also the some benefits of school website. The website also decrease the expenses like the notice shouldn’t be printed out simply it can be posted on the website. The advantages of the website can’t be explained by the words. The more you try the more you will find.
Our school; SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary  School has also put it’s step forward to enter into the world of digital ecosystem. Now it’s our responsibility to take it far over. Don’t take it as a matter to laugh and don’t let other to do. Be serious and work for it.

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