Excursion in Retrospection

Three days and two night’s Excursion in Retrospection

Visiting places widens and deepens our knowledge. It is one of the way of cultivating our mind. Few days before, we made a journey from Pokhara to Kasara, Sauraha, hetauda, Daman and other places. These places owns some famous wonders such as twinkling mountains, surging rivers and beautiful landscapes. These things have adorned nature like the garden of beautiful flower.
We were about 85 students along with 4 teachers. As planned, we all gathered at school sharp at 6:30am. The time was about to be 7am when we headed towards Kasara. As I believed, this tour was going to be the exciting event in my life. We had our breakfast at Dumre when the bus stopped there. It was around half past 9. After half an hour, we reached Muglin. The graveled and narrow road of Muglin made me terrified. As the bus started to descent the hills along the road, I felt dizzy. I illusioned that all the things including the hills were moving around us. Not only I, but some of my friends felt it while the bus was moving along the sharp bends of the road. After few hours, our bus was moving ahead by the side of Trishuli river. I felt two extremes at a same moment; excitement and fear. Few hours later, we had our meal at chaubishKothi, Ramnagar. After meal, we headed towards SOS Bharatpur. The schooling was marvelous. The clean and green environment attracted me. We passed awesome time there.

While the bus was moving towards Kasara, we sang songs and started dancing. Tikaram sir was also dancing with us. When we reached Kasara, I was amazed to see the wildlife and vegetation present there. The huge alligator made me thunderous. It was tremendous. After the visit to Kasara, we went to see the Tharu culture. The dance, culture and rituals lure me. The frenzied fragnance of so called modernity has not caught their culture yet. The peacock dance and jhuma dance made my fatigueness to its end. We enjoyed a lot. We had our dinner at Chitwan Cottage Park and stayed there.

On the second day, we headed towards Sauraha. There we were able to study about the natural habitat of elephant. After that we visited the Hetauda Sahid Park. There, we saw different animals, statues of martyrs and many more. Before visiting Sahid park we had visited the museum of Chitwan. There we saw the animals which were preserved for their extensive study and research. We also visited Nepal’s only diesel plant. We gain all the necessary information through the officer of NEA.

After that, we headed towards Daman; a famous place of Makawanpur district. As the bus started to descent the hill along the road, we started feeling cold, Dambar sir planned to play dohori. We accept his plan. We danced and enjoyed a lot. It was about 9 pm when we reached Daman. We stayed there and enjoyed the fire camp too.
On the third and last day, we selected Indrasarowar and kulekhani hydropower station as our final destination. We captured some group clicks there though it was forbidden to take photographs.
In this way we had lots of fun and enjoyed the excursion. The visit to these places are still flashing clearly in my mind.
By this excursion, I have achieved something more important in my life. My vision to the world and its beauties has been changed. I felt that these places are the wonders to be watched at least once in a life. Also, they are rich in natural beauties and gifts that provides someone pleasure and knowledge adequately.
-By Amrit Poudel. Grade : 9”B” Roll no: 7 (SEVEN)

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